Billing Therapists Benefits 2018-06-07T22:51:41+00:00

By allowing us to take over your billing, you eliminate the need to deal with difficult insurance carriers, trying to get copayments from your patients, and the costly overhead of in-house billing. We can increase your collections, decrease your costs, and improve your bottom line, while you focus on doing what you were trained to do: help patients get well.

  • Claim rejection rate is significantly reduced.

  • Electronic Submitted Claims receive priority over paper claims

  • Reimbursement time is accelerated

  • Patient Statements are promptly mailed

  • Overlooked & Neglected claims are no longer an issue

  • The hassle of ongoing billing staff turnover is eliminated

  • Staff has more time to devote to your patients

  • Reduced telephone & Postage costs

  • No Vacation, or sick day pay

  • No Software or hardware needed

  • Timely follow-up on claims

  • We know the mental health field!